Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miscellany Monday

    I love these little ones!!!     
  My sweet grandmother's birthday party!!!

Sleepover/Spa Party with my sweet mini me!!

Hunger Games take 2!!!
Ahhh so amazing!!

My sweet friend, Carrie, sent me these sweet surprises.
I always love nail polish and I've been needing a new cup for school.

Smell the Roses
Because I purchased a new pair of Tom's, a child in NEED received a pair of shoes.
Gives a whole new meaning to shopping, huh?
But in all seriousness, think about this next time you are in NEED of a new pair of shoes.

American Cancer Society
I am the team captain of our Relay for Life team at my school.
I am so proud to say that we have raised over $1,500.  My goal was $5,000 but we got a late start and I'm so excited about what we have raised.
If you feel called to make a donation, please do so here.
I'm on a mission to raise funds for American Cancer Society and need your help!

Register for Relay For Life and join me in the fight against cancer today!

If not, but you want to on the link below and find an event near you.

Thanks for the amazing support friends!
Happy, happy Monday!

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Katie said...

love those nails!! and that is neat that you are doing relay for life! I did it once in high school and was glad I did! It was a cool experience!

Neely said...

I think its great that you are doing relay for life. My dad has caner and its such a wonderful cause!!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Yay for TOMS!
And for you linking up of course :)

Your spa night with your mini me...seriously how cute is that? Really freaking cute!

Glad you had a fun weekend, girl!

Beverly said...

Friend.. can I just say how much I love and adore how much you post about your family and the kiddos especially!! Reminds me of myself when I'm around my family :) If I were back home in Cali, my blog would totes be full of those kinda pics.. and I'm glad to look through yours!!

Happy Monday!

smk053078 said...

Love the sleepover pics! You girls are precious! And yay for sweet surprises from friends. They are the BEST! Hope you are having a GREAT day!!

Beth said...

Awww- your grandmother is precious! And I love the spa night photos!

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