Friday, April 20, 2012

High Five

 It's Friday and I'm not at work.
Yes you read right.  3 day weekend for me.
Let's get on to it, shall we?

High Five-top 5 things from this week.
An afternoon with 2 of my nieces.
Londyn Kate in green and Blakely in blue.
We went to the outdoor mall and they just loved the fountains and they emptied out all of my change in the wishing well.
LK might be the only 3 year old I know that wishes for new Tom's for her birthday.  :)

I bought myself some new Tom's with a gift card that I was given for Christmas.
I also discovered that I fit into kids sizes which makes me very happy.
Cheaper Tom's, people!!

I signed up for a coffee mug swap and I got paired with one of my bloggy bff's,
Jess from Lovely Little Things.
 I was so excited to shop for her and find her the perfect coffee cup.
I received mine this week and I LOVE it!!
Jessica, you know me alright.  I love my new mug.

We had field day at school yesterday.
Fun and crazy, but mostly just craxy.
But we did get fave!

Last night, we had a fabulous girl's night.
We started the night off at a local wine bar for a free beer tasting.
While we were there, we met a woman who blogs for 
 She asked if she could take a picture of us...which turned into 45 very maticulous pictures and then asked us a few questions. 
I didn't get one single pic of us girls so I'm kind of stalking her blog to see if I can steal the picture she took of us.
We then went to On Tap for a quick dinner/1 more adult beverage before our midnight movie.
We went to see The Lucky One.
We, Kim (my sis), Candace, and I, had all been anxiously awaiting this movie. 
We all 3 read the amazing for those of you who haven't read it yet. 
And we all know how gorgeous Zac Efron is....I need a man like him in my life.

I'm also linking up for The Nail Files.
Dream On and Frenzy...Love this brand by the way!!

Happy Friday lovelies!!

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Neely said...

Love the nails and shoes. Have a great weekend friend :)

Katie said...

love your new shoes!! those kids are adorable and your girls night sounds wonderful!! happy weekend steph!!

Cole said...

I don't know what's cuter, your nieces or the Toms!

Melissa said...

You fit into kids' sizes?! What size are you normally? I have pretty tiny feet, so a kids' size would be amaaazing!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Your Toms are too cute!!! The color is perfect! :) Happy Friday!

The Java Mama said...

Yay! Very cute I love your mug..I got mine in last week too :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

YAY I'm so glad that you got the mug! And that you love it!
Sorry that the note & the mug came separate...I ordered the mug from Etsy and had it shipped straight to you :)

LOVE that color...I'm gonna start buying that brand of polish since it's SO much cheaper than the others...score!

I'm off to have a girls' night tonight - hope it's as fun as yours was!

Happy weekend, Steph!

Cori H. said...

Your nieces are so adorable! Sounds like you had a fun girls night. I loved On Tap when I lived in Birmingham! Zac Efron is so gorgeous! Swoon! Have a great weekend!

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

What did you think of The Lucky One? I saw it with my mom on Sunday and thought it was really good!! :) LY!

Beverly said...

those colored toms are TOOOOO cute!!! Never seen that color online, but I LOVE!!

Funny you just spent your gift card on em b/c I have a gift card from Cmas myself that I'll be spending on a pair for my reception! Which reminds me.. I should get to ordering those... like TODAY!!

Suz said...

LOVE those new toms. I'm so jealous you can fit in to kids shoes, my feet are too big! And Love the mug!

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