Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Ok

It's ok that I got to sleep in this morning at the expense of a slightly lower paycheck next month. More on that later

It's ok that I got some delish biscuit and gravy from Hardee's this weakness!

It's ok that I somehow managed to get a free personal training session yesterday...
It's also ok that I literally cannot move today.
Anddd it's ok that bc I cannot move, I think I'll be skipping the hardcore workout today and maybe replacing it with a nice long walk outside with Coral. :)

It's ok that I also get to sleep in slightly tomorrow because I have professional development that begins at 9 as opposed to school that begins at 7:45.

It's ok that I still sometimes play old school mario and donkey kong. I'm ok with being a nerd.

It's ok that I MIGHT be taking a spontaneous trip this weekend to my absolute fave place. :)))

It's ok that I'm kinda on a roll, but I think I'll stop for now!

Happy happy Thursday lovelies! We all successfully made it over the hump.



Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Oh I need to hear some more details on this spontaneous trip!!! Sounds like a blast :)

Happy Thursday, lovely!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

It's okay that little things can make us happy!

BTW...thanked you on my blog just now. ;) Silly Pinterest post. Lol.

Have a great rest of the week!

Amanda said...

Where are you taking your spontaneous trip to?! I can't wait to hear! And I'm jealous of you getting to sleep in. When my alarm went off for boot camp today, I did not want to get up!

AaReAn said...

I can't believe you couldn't find the confetti eggs?!? that is such a bummer...I can go check at my wal mart and see if they still have them?! If they do I can get some for ya and send em to ya?! :-) They were flying off the shelves so who knows...but let me know if you want me to go check! I am SURE there is a wal mart by you that has them though--they've just gotta?! ;-)

p.s. LOVE biscuits and gravy. oh yum yum


the lovebirds said...

a spontaneous trip this weekend!? take me with you!

Beverly said...

I am SOOO jay you get to play mario bros and donkey kong!! I had my old school Nintendo and TONS I mean TONS of games... and guess my fiance thought it'd be kewwwl to leave it ALL in Illinois when he came home from college. WOMP!!

And so glad you get to sleep in a few days!!

Happy Thursday :)

Neely said...

Spontaneous trips are the best! Have fun :)

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Free personal training, awesome.

Happy Thursday!

Fav place, umm Ryan Reynolds house?


Meg Cady said...

Sounds like youve had a quite OK thursday!

I hope you get to take your spontaneous trip!!

I just really like your blog. Just needed to remind you!


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