Monday, March 05, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Hello lovelies!!  It's "Mon" day.  This weekend flew by and I am so incredibly behind with blogging.  I guess I was kind of in a rut for a few days.  Sorry I've been MIA, but I'm back, I think.
Let's get started shall we
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{Mini me}
Saturday night, I went to my brother and S-I-L's house for dinner and to visit.  They have 3 kiddos...Halle, Carter, and Cooper.  As soon as I walked in, Cooper (3) screams "Awesome"...guess he was excited to see me.  Carter sees me every day considering he is in kindergarten and I teach on the kindergarten hall.  Seeing me is old news for him, but Halle was as excited as Cooper to see me.

We had a mini girl's night until I had to leave for my night out...I painted her nails, taught her the 2 step zumba dance, and gave her a makeover.  I love this girl!
She wanted her nails to look like mine...I tried the whole accent nail thing.
Love it!
{Storm Shelter}
So Friday night, we were supposed to get some really bad weather.  Since I'm house/dog sitting, I was obviously home alone with my dog and my sister's dog.  My older sister and her husband and kids live 10 minutes away and have a basement/living room area that is almost completely underground so she conviced me to load up the dogs and come spend the night with them since the weather was supposed to last well into the middle of the night.  Fortunately, the tornadoes missed us and we had a family fun night playing lots of games and spending time together.  My little brother also lives with them so we had a house full.
Any excuse to play games all night is ok with me.  We played BS (which we renamed noodles for the kids sake---not having to explain what bs stands for), Spoons, and Clue.  We had so much fun.
I also watched Lion King, not once, but twice with my nieces (LK-3 and Blakely-1).  Lion King is one of my all time faves and I love that my nieces are watching old school Disney movies!
While I'm on the topic, my sister Jennifer (Lk and Blakely's mom) is 12 weeks pregnant and is having some health concerns.  Her doctors are considering putting her on a heart medicine that could affect the baby.
Please keep her and the baby in your prayers.  We really want her to be able to do without the meds, but we don't know what to expect next time she goes for her checkup. 
I watched these 2 movies this weekend, In Tme for the second time.
Both are AMAZING and I highly recommend both.
Both will also make you cry so beware. 

{Smell the Roses}
Lovely Little Things
Think about a goal you've been wanting to meet. What's keeping you from going after that goal? Time to conquer it!

My goal for the past few weeks were to go to the gym at least 4 times a week...I was only going like 2 and then doing odd and end things at home.  Well friends, this week I made an effort to get to the gym at least 4 times....and I did it!
Tuesday, I started looking at gyms around that offered a class that I might like to take and found out that Gold's Gym offered a free week trial.  I signed up and worked out for 2 hours Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and 1 hour on Wednesday.  I would've made it on Friday too had it not been for the bad weather coming, but I'm so super stoked that I did 4 days.
 {Cup 1/2 Full}
This is my first time linking up with Finding Beauty in the Ordinary...

Happy Monday friendsies!
Make today ridiculously amazing!


Summer-Raye said...

Love the quotes. Follow each other?

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

That is so cute that you watched Lion King that many times..but who wouldn't with those sweet little girls!? AND She will be in my prayers for sure!


Heather B {dreaming big} said...

It was my goal to go to the gym too! I only went once, but man did it feel good to have sore muscles again! How weird does that sound??

Marissa said...

Hi Steph - thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog. I had so much this weekend putting my jewelry organizer together. (Actually it was more like I had fun watching my husband put it together!) It still came out fabulous! So glad to hear you had a good weekend & you were missed by those storms.

Take care!

Maura said...

that's so awesome that you're sticking with the work out thing!! i swear it's addicting once you get in the habit, you can't get out of it!
keeping your sister in my prayers!

Beth said...

I'm so glad to hear you say that "In Time" was good. I'm putting it on my Redbox list! :)

Amanda said...

Post overload! Your niece and you are too cute with the matching nails. I'm excited that you found a new gym that you like. I'm heading to the gym tonight for the first time in...wait for it....4 days. Which is a lot of days without the gym for me lol. M and I are going to try to go see Act of Valor. Maybe this weekend we'll see it. Happy MONday ;)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

LOVE the "mon" day thing - haha!
So glad that you weren't hit with the awful weather.

You & Halle might just be the most precious thing EVER. :)

And of course- go you for getting your butt to the gym! GET IT GIRL!
Thanks for linking up - you're the best!


Sassy Ms Ginger said...

How much fun did you have this weekend! It makes me wish I had siblings. I really hope to go to Act of Valor sometime soon, congrats on meeting your goals!

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