Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pass it Forward

So we all have those days that just seem like we cannot catch a break...right?
I had one on Saturday. 
I was already a little overwhelmed from having to take my dog and my sister, Kim's, dog (that I was dog sitting) to my sister Jenn's Friday night. I loaded them up Friday afternoon because I didn't want to be alone during the tornados Friday night.  So imagine having my medium sized dog and Kim's very large Lab in an unfamiliar environment.  That alone is stressful, but then add in 5 other dogs (4 of which are puppies) to the mix and it was pretty much a zoo.
Ok so Saturday around 1, I literally counldn't take anymore of my crazy dogs.  We loaded up and came home.  I decided that they could use some playtime and I needed to clean so I put them in the back yard to play.  It hadn't rained that much so I figured they would avoid the mud...boy was I wrong.
OK so in the meantime, I had opened a few packages that had come in the mail.
1.  My new Nike's that I was convinced were fake because the soles came out...I was unaware that this was supposed to happen.  (I know now, but for the sake of the story, I think that they are fake).
I was totally bummed that I had just been scammed/spent lots of money of fake Nike LunarGlides.
2.  My new flats from Old Navy...they were the wrong color.  UGH...really?
Normally, I wouldn't have been so sensitive, but the mixture of all of these things had me about in tears.
Are you still there?  I know this is a lot of background info, but just keep reading...
So, I decide that I had to get out of the house and needed a little bit of relaxation...in my world, this almost always means a pedi.
OK, so I open the back door to let Coral in and this is what I'm greeted by...
2 dogs covered in mud, 1 of which literally has mud dripping off of her paws.
OK bring on the tears...really?  I leave you alone for 30 minutes and this is what happens.
I was so mad at them.
 Coral hasn't gained my trust enough to be left outside when no one is home so I had to clean her before I left so that I could put her back in her crate.
Bathtub wasn't an option, so hose it was.
I hooked up the hose in the front yard and then walk around to let her out of the fence...
I don't know what I was thinking...
Malich, the very large Lab, takes off running out of the fence.
OK so I have to fight him for a good 10 minutes to get him back in the fence and I'm covered in mud by the end of it.
This really just put me over the edge.

But.... I wash Coral, put her in her kennel, and think PEDI at last!
I park, go into the nail shop, and start looking for a polish color.
Any predictions on what happens next?
I drop the nail polish and it shatters.  Blue nail polish....everywhere!!!
I almost walked out in embarrassment, but I pushed through (not touching anymore polish of course) and finally got my relaxing pedi.
SO I said all of that to say this...
How insignificant are these things??
There are starving children all over the world.
There are men and women fighting for my freedom.
There are individuals who don't know when they will eat again.
and I'm worried about mud, shoes, and broken nail polish.
Sometimes it takes me feeling completely overwhelemed with petty things like these to realize how blessed I am.  I am very fortunate to have a place to lay my head, food to eat, family and friends who love me, my health, my job, a car, money, and much much more.
So fast forward to yesterday morning.
I was on my way to work and I was listening to my daily audio bible like I do every day.
It was talking about being ambassadors for Christ...about how we should be his hands and feet to show his love through us.
I felt so stupid.  That is really what life is all about and I'm worried about petty luxeries.
I'm so glad that I heard that message...it really brought me back down out of the clouds.
We all need a reality check every once in a while...so here is yours.
What are you stressing about today and is it really worth it in the long run?
Probably not.
Enjoy today and spread the love!!
This bring me to my next point.
Have any of you heard of The Shine Project?
She has started this great project called Pass it Forward.
"Pass It Forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them. Pass It Forward is designed around a card:
To find out more or to get involved with "Pass it Forward" check out The Shine Project.

I ordered 10 cards and actually used my first one yesterday morning.  More on that later.
I "love" love.
Happy Tuesday
Spread the love today and remember..
Don't sweat the small stuff!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

This whole entire posts sums up my day yesterday!

I was saying how a lot of people would kill to have to deal with the things that I "stress" over.
So I'm glad that I read this as a reenforcement - look at us...on the same page :)

Happy Tuesday, girl!
(And I'm glad your Nikes aren't fake lol)

Tiffany said...

Days like that just plain suck. Those days just make you want to curl up and cry. So glad you turned your negative into a positive.

Katie said...

that day sounds rough! but it is such a good reminder to me too that I am SO lucky for so many things in my life and sometimes I focus on such dumb things that make me upset. thank you for the reminder! looking forward to hearing how you used your shine card!

Beth said...

you poor thing! i would have had a complete meltdown had i experienced ALL of that back to back. but i love your perspective and ability to recognize that simple inconveniences are so small compared to other people's problems. can't wait to hear more about your "pass it forward" cards!

Beverly said...

oh my... whatta weekend!!! doggy day care AND some!!! I'm sorry it wasn't a blast, BUT it gets better.. I promise ;) We wouldn't appreciate the high's if we didn't have the low's. So keep your head up and push through with a smile girlfrannnnd!!!

I'm always here to lend an ear if you need it!!

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