Friday, March 09, 2012

High Five for Friday

I really never thought Friday would get here.  Has anyone else had a crazy long week?
Thankfully, Friday is finally here and I'm ready to link up with a couple of my fave girls.
"High Five for Friday is a weekly post about your five favorite things recently. it's a chance to stop and reflect on the things that you've enjoyed over the past week, which is something we should all do."
I used my first Pass It Forward card.
If you haven't already, go to The Shine Project and read more about this great project!
I didn't do anything incredibly creative with my first card.  It was actually a last minute decision to use it on Monday morning...I was in the line at Chick Fil A when I thought about it and immediately broke out the handy dandy iphone to register my pass it forward card on the website...this is just a fun way to keep track of everyone who passes it forward.  :)
When I pulled up to the window, I told the worker that I would like to pay for the car behind me as well as my own...he smiled and I handed him the pass it forward card.  I literally felt so gitty when I pulled out of Chick Fil A.  I'm super excited to use the rest of my cards.
We are participating in Boosterthon at school.  The big kickoff was Tuesday and I'm having so much fun experiencing at all for the first time. 
 “The mission of the Boosterthon Fun Run is to Change the World by strengthening schools and impacting the next generation through Fitness, Leadership, and Character.”

I mentioned on Wednesday that I had received a special gift from one of my favorite gals.
Jessica sent me this...
I adore my new polish and it literally made my week.  :)
Thanks again Jess!!

I wrote my second ever IEP since being in the real world.  Some of you may not know what that means, but my job revolves around IEPS.  As a special education teacher, my job is to write and implement IEP's and they are kind of a big deal...actually a really big deal.  That was what the whole deadline was about today.  I finished it around 1:30 and I literally felt like breaking out in song when I finished...I was so super duper excited.  Not only did I finish it with minimal help, but I also feel pretty good about it.  We will see after the meeting next week, huh?

Has anyone heard of HauteLook?
It's a wonderful website that has different daily deals...I literally check out the deals every single day and probably purchase something at least once a week.
So a few weeks ago, I was using my iphone app to check out the deals.
In my defense, there are tons of deals not just like 5 or 6 each day.
I found a very cute pair of gladiator sandals, bought them, and then got my confirmation email.
I must have been having a long day because somehow I purchased a pair of children's sandals.
I thought, ok no big deal, I have lots of nieces.  I can gift them.
Unfortunately, I asked around and no one I know is a children's size 7.
So today, I get an email that says that they unfortunately sold too many pairs and didn't have enough to fulfill my order.  Not only did HauteLook refund my $22, but they also credited me $20 more for the inconvenience.  Um OK...I was going to return them anyways.

Go ME!

OK so moving on.
Time for link up #2.
The Nail Files
I sported 2 different mani's this week.

Happy Friday lovelies!


Meg Cady said...

YAY FOR FINISHING YOUR IEP. Legit so much work!!!! Congrats really!

Wasn't getting a little treasure from jess great totally made my week too!!

Sounds like you deserve a weekend!!


Stesha said...

I Love your manis.... the colors are both suuuper cute. happy weekend!

Erin said...

I am a Preschool Intervention Specialist and my job revolves around IEP's. Congrats on writing your second one, I know that feeling of accomplishment once it is complete :)

Erin @ life as a Losey

Arielle Hattan said...

I'm so happy for you for finishing the IEP! As a fellow teacher I know how stressful the process can be and how it is such a huge accomplishment!

I am in love with those colors! They are so bright and spring-like!

Beverly said...

that green nail polish is adorable!! love that color ;)

And OMG... I love that site!! HauteLook... they always have superb deals!!

Happy Friay girlie!!

Becca Christensen said...

Hi! So glad to have you as a new follower, and I'm now your newest as well. So glad my post on Neelys blog brought us together. Such a great blog you have here. : ] And I'd love for you to come paint my nails anytime, I'm not sure they've been painting in the last 5 years ha ha.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

#5 is awesome! Can't complain for getting free credit ;)
I need to check that website out for sure.

So glad you liked your little gift!
When I was picking out colors, you were the first that came to mind when I saw the turquoise one...I thought it went with your personality...I'm weird lol.

I need to use my Shine card! I've been waiting for the perfect moment and then every time I do something, I don't have it with me! AH.

happy Friday, girl!

Marissa said...

Hi Steph! So happy that you got your PIF cards from The Shine Project. I also got mine this week & I can't wait to use them. And I also use Haute Look. I personally think they're great. Some of my other favorites are Shop It to Me, The Outnet & ideeli. Have a great weekend!

Tiffany said...

Im so glad to know I'm not the only one that had a loooong week.
I love that u paid for someone's awesome!!

tara said...

love both of your mani's! so pretty!

Laura said...

Love both nail colors!

Sarah E. said...

Digging both your manis this week - what colors did you use??

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