Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday

My top 10 school suppies....I get so excited to buy new things for schools.
Of course, now the roles have reversed and I am no longer the student...however, a lot of my list has remained the same.

I am OCD and love to be a planner/organizer.
Honestly, I can never have enough of any of these items.

{Life Planner}
From a very early age, a new planner was always on my "have-to-have-for-school" list. 
I live for my planner!
The Erin Condren life planner def doesn't disappoint.

{Insulated Tumbler with straw}
A must have for water, errr sweet tea, during the day.  I always have a drink on my desk.
I prefer one that's monogrammed.
Welcome to the south.  :)

{Papermate Flair Pens}
AKA the best pens known to man.
I love the colors, the way they write, and most of all the fact that they don't bleed through.
I love them for my planner, but I use them for everything!!!
They've even made it to my Christmas list a few times.

{Lunch Tote}
Monogrammed of course!

{Travel Mug}
I'm a coffee drinker so a travel mug is a must have in my book!
Are you surprised that I prefer monogrammed?

{Over-sized Purse/Teacher Bag}
Enough said.

I use these for EVERYTHING.
To-do lists galore.

A cutesy notebook note-taking during meetings.

I like to have these on hand for the occasional thank-you card or just because card.

Need I explain?
Next to my pens, these are my fave!!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Totally love everything about this post! I have a weird obsession with school supplies :) NO SHAME lol

And I love all of your monogrammed choices...YES!

Have a good day, girl!

Brittany said...

LOVE all of these!! Definitely going to have to check out those flair pens, I've never used them before! Planners are my very best friends too :)

Jess said...

I can't wait for my planner to come in and loving all that is monogrammed. I can't get enough!

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

Love those lunch bags! Where did you find them?

Sarah said...

your EC planner came out so cute! I love all of the monogrammed things you featured but I'm most loving the pens... do they bleed through paper?

Kim said...

I love love love this post! I am obsessed with school supplies...comes with the teaching territory! :)
Where did you get that teacher bag and those lunch totes? Super cute!!


Tiffany said...

I love love love school supplies. I mean what else would I have done with my life, but be a teacher with an addiction like this?! I have a serious love for all of the above...esp my life planner & the pens!

esl828 said...

WHERE did you find that adorable chevron bag? I am a teacher too and LOVE my supplies!

Jamie said...

I LOVE school supplies! I could spend tons of money at Staples :)

<3 Jamie

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