Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

School is in session.  Although we don't have kids yet, we are in full swing this week and kicking off the year in full gear.  Yesterday, we had John Croyle come and speak at our school and let me just say that he is amazing.  He sure knows how to make a room full of teachers cry.  We were all so incredibly inspired by what he had to say and I'm still so excited about everything that he ignited inside of me during his presentation.  His underlying purpose was to encourage us all, as teachers, to inspire our students and love them all.  He told us so many heart wrenching stories about children that have been brought to his ranch and reiterated the fact that kids like the ones he sees everyday, are among us in every school.  Some of our kids just need some love and need someone to look up to.
I thought today I would share some inspirational quotes that I found with all of my fellow teachers and even those who are not teachers, but still impact the lives of children every day.

 Happy Wednesday lovelies.
I hope you are feeling inspired.  :)

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Beverly said...

LOVE these inspirational quotes friend!!! especially the one about never forgetting how you made them feel. I can honestly say that I always think about the teachers that totally made me feel confident and smart!!

Miss you gooorl!

xoxo, Bev

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