Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters
{Bird Feeder}
I'm slightly obsessed with all things "birds" right now....hence the bird feeders.
I haven't hung the little teacup one yet.
 {School Projects}
Some of my DIY projects that I did for my desk/office.

{New teacher clothes}

 All but the colorful dress and the skirt came from consignment...I love a bargain.

{Jason Mraz concert}
Saturday night, a couple of friends and I drove up to Atlanta for Jason Mraz/Christina Perri concert.
It was fabulous!!!

{Hair Chalk}
While I was school shopping, they were doing free hair chalking.  I'd tried this with just regular sidewalk chalk, but you have to use pastels.  I love this!

Last weekend, a few friends grilled out and played mini frisbee much fun!!

{First day of school}
5 days down and still tons to do, but ready or start today!!!!
Wish me luck!
 {Lauren Conrad's 7 days to skinny jeans smoothie}

Our dogs love hiking days as much as we do!!

{Classroom Door}
Pinterest, of course!

{Comedy Club}
Friday night, we laughed a lot.
My friend, Heather, won some free tickets to go to the comedy club.
Always so much fun!

Happy Monday lovelies!


Monica said...

Looks like a great week! I love that Pinterest idea for your door

Stefanie Brown said...

(Visiting from lowercase letters)

Excited for you as you begin in the classroom today. It looks as though you are more than ready to embrace those precious ones in which you're entrusted.

To have precious friends as you do is a treasure. How blessed you are, Steph!

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Katie said...

Love your new teacher clothes! LOVE your classroom pics - that A is so cute. good luck with the kids today! We have meetings today and kids come wednesday! crazy that summer is over!

Beverly said...

Look at you gooorlfrannnd getting all fancy pants with your DIY teacher projects! Def makes me wanna start teaching. That's one thing I used to always think was exciting for starting a new year as a kid... seeing the exciting new environment I would be in for the year!

xoxo, Bev

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