Monday, December 05, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Write random and link up.
This weekend I did 4 things...none of which was go to the beach.
More on that later.
{Princess Party}
Addison turned 3 this weekend.
She wasn't feeling so good, but she made such a pretty princess!

I only got one pic of us and she was blinking, but she is too stinkin' cute!

{Christmas Decor/Crafts}
My sister and I had a weekend full of crafting.
Christmas tree for the front door.

I bought these cute little case fillers and put them on my desk in my bedroom.

I spray painted some pine cones red and green for this vase on the mantel above the fireplace.
I love how they turned out, but it is really hard to see in the picture.

We painted wooden letters, made these ornaments, and hung them from the ceiling between the kitchen and the living room.
FYI.  Great idea if you want to make ornaments with glitter.
Buy the clear ornmanents.
Pour Pledge Wood Floor Finish (nothing else works that I know of)  into the ornament and swirl it over the entire inside.
Pour out excess.
Pour glitter in (whatever color you desire).
Cover hole and shake it all around.
Pour out excess
The finished product is a very glittery ornament that won't lose the glitter over time.
(Because the glitter is inside)

Candy Cane wreath...still in the works.

We spent the majority of the day yesterday making these...

Our tree skirts.  I love them!!

And last, but def not least, we now have lights outside.  Thanks to my brother-in-law.

I dropped Coral off at the vet on Friday to be spayed.  They had to keep her overnight.
I almost cried when I dropped her off.
I was soooo excited to pick her up on Saturday.
Riding in the car...
The vet said to try to keep her calm, but that def hasn't happened.
She hasn't slowed down at all.

{Christmas Cards}
I went to the dam in my town to get family portraits made.  By family portraits, I mean pics of me and Coral for my Christmas card.  I designed my card last night and hopefully will order them once I get the rest of my addresses entered.  I like to do it the lazy way and have them sent straight to their recepient.

I saw this great idea of sending Christmas cards to blog friends.  If any of you would like to receive my Christmas card, leave your info in a comment or email it to me.
I would love to send you one.

Moving on to link up #2 with Neely and Amber!

Today's topic is Christmas treat/dessert.
Peanut butter cake is my favorite dessert ever.
But because I am typing this post at 11 PM, I am not going to post the recipe.
If you are interested, email me and I will give it to you.
 Also, I love Rice Krispy Treats anytime!!
Happy Monday lovelies!


Alene said...

What a cute post and pics!!! And seriously thee desserts make me want sweets for breakfast. :) Blessings from Miscellany Monday.

Neely said...

That peanut butter cake is like crack...I need it

Mia Maree said...

I'm not a huge peanut butter fan, but it looks SO pretty I'd probably try it :-)

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