Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Today's topic is how do you celebrate the holidays?
I am a very festive person.
My whole life revolves around the season/holiday.

During Christmas time especially, my life is CHRISTMAS 110%.
I drink things that remind me of Christmas...

I eat things that remind me of Christmas...

I wear things that remind me of Christmas...

This one is my personal fave...and it happens to be what I am wearing right now.
I also sport Christmas socks constantly.

I listen to nothing but Christmas music.
I watch Christmas movies as much as possible!

I always try to remember the true reason for the season.
I love all of the quality family time that comes along with the holidays.

I celebrate Jesus Christ!!
Happy Tuesday lovelies.


Victoria said...

love this post :)

jesus is the reason for the season!

Amanda said...

Love the Christmas theme you have going on right now, Steph! I'm home finally!!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Love all of these....but the very last is the best. Christmas means absolutely nothing without Jesus. It's so sad how so many "celebrate" Christmas not truly realizing the meaning of it.

Have a great day! I'm in the mood for some yummy Christmasy drink now. ;)

Monica said...

Love it! I'm very festive as well...Christmas movies, music, treats, socks, pj's all month long :)

A Day in the Life... said...

love Christmas socks! :)

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