Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pure Bliss

Last night, I got to join the family for dinner at The Melting Pot. It was my first time eating fondue. It was a really fun place.
Once I got off work, I cleaned up a bit around my cottage. I was trying to get rid of my sick germs from earlier this week.
No, I didn't clean in my high heels, but I used to in college and I think i might start again.

After cleaning, I relaxed in bed with a glass of this...
And watched this...
I loved it. I love Anne and Jake...they were perfect for this movie.

Today, I finally went to see this...
It was sooo good!! Not to mention I was in the theater with only one other lady, so we basically got our own private showing.

After the movie, I did a little retail therapy. I wanted to get some white jeans for Spring and I just got a coupon from Express in my email. Lucky me!!! So I officially possess these...

Now I am sitting in the pedicure chair at my new favorite salon...Grace Nails and Spa. I was sick of looking at my St. Patty's Day green nails so today, I went for a coral.
I'm having a girls night tonight that I had to primp myself for. So excited!!

Happy weekend!

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lmcclendon said...

We've eaten at the one in Birmingham before...I LOVED it, but Wes was just not impressed :(

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