Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Life

What I have been doing lately:

1. Baron's Game with family and friends

2. Lots of pool time...I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday @ the pool.

3. Alabama Adventure=lots of fun, but wayyy too much sun for me.

4. Library fun with the kids....they had to have their pic taken with Rock Shrimp.
He told us all about how to conserve water.

5. Girl's Night
Have I ever told you guys how awesome my family is?
My sister's Kim and Jenn, my favorite sister in law Rebekah, my niece Halle, and me all got together for dinner and a movie. We are big fans of O'Charley's and $1 movies. We went to see The Last Song...such a good movie!!

6. Lots of Chick-Fil-A trips.
I could seriously live off of these...
and the kids really enjoy their play place and their ice cream.

In addition to Alli and Ryan, I had sweet baby Haleigh Grace a couple of days this week.

Here are a couple of pics I took of Halle and Haleigh together.

7. Free movies @ the Rave.
It makes me so happy that my sister's and some of our friends have summer's off and we all get to enjoy time together doing fun things like going to free movies, going to the pool, or just meeting for lunch to let the kids play.

This week's free movie was Astro was cute.
Haleigh Grace slept through the entire movie, but I had to improvise bc the movie was so loud.
I used my jacket to block her ears. haha.

I recently saw the preview to this movie and I am so excited to see it.
It looks awesome....and of course I had to see if there was a book and there is!!!

I immediately bought it on the Kindle.

I am currently rereading Eclipse to prepare for the premiere next Tuesday so as soon as I am done, I get to start The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

8. Watching movies...
Great movie by the way!! I also read the book years ago.

8. Learning the presidents.
History is not a strength of mine. A friend of mine shared this book with me and I read it last's amazing how easy it is to learn the president's names in order. I was impressed.

Tomorrow is pool day with family, friends, and all the kids. Should be exciting.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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Candace said...

It is amazing how busy you stay! I'm glad I got to spend some of those fun days with you guys too! Looking forward to Monday again!

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