Monday, June 14, 2010

Staying busy

Alli, Ryan, & Indira have been keeping me pretty busy.
Here is what my typical day is like:
  • Wake up @ 7 and leave (usually still in my pjs) to go pick up Alli and Ryan
  • Come back to Kim's and let them watch Dora/Spongebob or play with LK (Kim is keeping LK this summer) while I get dressed and eat breakfast.
  • Feed the kid's a snack
  • Leave for the daily activities (usually involves parks, picnics, movies, library, etc.)
  • Usually go by Sonic during happy hour for some slushes
  • Head to take them home around 2:30 or 3
  • Once I have dropped Alli and Ryan off @ home, I head downtown to babysit Indira. I get there between 3:30 and 4.
  • Indira is usually waking up from her nap when I get there.
  • We have a snack and go for a walk around Highland.
  • If it is too hot, we play in her playroom with weebles and lots and lots of books!!
  • Around 5:30, Indira gets a bath and gets dinner around 6.
  • After dinner, we read books, listen to kid's music, rock on the front porch, or color until 7 o'clock rolls around and it is time for me to make the 30-40 min drive back to Helena (depending on traffic).
  • Usually I get home, eat dinner, shower, and get in bed. haha...I am exhausted after a long day of entertaining kids.
Here are some pics from last week's adventures

Aldridge Botanical Gardens
Pool Day with my nieces and nephews
Oak Mountain State Park

This past weekend was kind of busy!!

Friday I babysat late, until around 8:00, and then headed back to Helena for girl's night with Heather. I picked her up and we ate San Antonio's. We stopped by my house to pick me up some stuff to spend the night with her and then we headed to her house. We watched reruns of the Bachelorette and had lots of fun just hanging out.

**She has a sleep number bed and it is AMAZING!!

Saturday we slept in a little and decided to go to the pool for a couple of hours before we had to road trip it to Weogufka for Wes and Loren's wedding. It was super hot outside and we got lots of sun.

Woegufka is a very small town near Sylacauga. We made the nearly 2 hour drive and was seconds from being late. It was a nice, small wedding and then we headed back to Birmingham. We all hung out Saturday night and I really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with Heather!! (She was my roommate in college)
Sunday was a nice, relaxing day. I slept in late and stayed in comfy clothes all day!!

Until next time, have a great week! Happy Monday!

Me with Alli and Ryan's baby brother, Charles. He stays home with his mommy, but I did get to stay with him for a couple of hours on Friday. He is soo tiny and so sweet!!!



Candace said...

You stay so busy! Keep us in the know about your day trips of entertainment!

Hollyhand House said...

You sound like a wonderful babysitter!! It is so great that you get them out and do stuff all the time...that is the teacher in you! :)

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