Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday!! This week has been fun-filled, but also very exhausting. Starting this past Monday, after getting off from keeping Alli at 3:30, I go babysit Indira until 7 or 7:30. Here are some pictures from the day at the zoo and keeping Indira.

Carter, Alli, and Halle on the way
LK being beautiful
Bengal...sleepy time

What is wrong with this picture??
Maybe that the 2 year old is pushing the 7 year old.

Lunch time

Friends and cousins
Petting zoo and Alli and Carter are playing in the gravel
Halle and Serena were actually petting/brushing the animals
Bekah was in charge of the squad in the petting zoo....
while I entertained the little monkeys

I don't normally take pictures bc I am at the zoo every other day, but the animals were up and moving so I thought I would take some.
The meerkats were cracking me up....look at them posing!

I know I look gross, but I have embraced the fact that it is impossible to look descent when it is 90 degrees outside!

Big boy Carter had tired legs

3 beautiful girls admiring the beautiful butterflies

Waiting for the sea lion show...not sure what happened to Serena's smile
Headed to baby Indira's
Right after she stopped fussing...the orajel must have kicked in...
back to her happy self!
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