Saturday, July 30, 2011


Things I'm loving today...

*Making it safely back to New York...Coral was such a good little traveler. Slept the whole time and didn't have any accidents in her carrier
*Having Coral to keep me company in this lonely cottage for the night...she is going to sleep like a princess in my king sized bed
*Being completely moved out of the cottage
*Being all packed up and actually fitting ALL of my stuff in my car...never thought it would happen
*Realizing that I left my car, 3 months ago, with a full tank of gas...that's not like me at all, but that is one less thing that I have to do tomorrow
*Eating delicious
*Having a huge fountain coke
*Coral's new toy elephant....Have I mentioned that I love all things elephant {It's the Bama girl in me}
*I'm picking up my bff Heather tomorrow for our road trip to Bama
*I'll get to see my family in less than 48 hours
*Driving a car instead of a golf cart...felt wierd at first, not to mention, for a brief second I forgot which side of the road to drive on
*My trip to Target for doggy treats...oh how I've missed Target

I hope everyone has had a lovely Saturday...mine has been LONNNNG and busy, but the payoff is moving back home for good!
So ready to be there.

Happy rest of the weekend.

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