Monday, February 07, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. I enjoyed my trip home so much. I had a jam packed weekend trying to see everyone as much as possible...and I just about did everything I planned on doing. There are a few friends that I didn't get to see, but there is another trip to be had ASAP! I had a blast loving on all of my babies! Meeting Blakely was amazing, of course. Already counting down the days until I come home again.
2. Check out for amazing daily deals. I bought a pearl bracelet for $6 that was marked down from $94. Today's deals aren't that great, but I'm sure there are good and bad days.

3. I had a 4 hour layover in Baltimore today so I did my nails
I had planned to get a mani and pedi with the girls yesterday, but it was an hour wait so we decided to get yogurt instead.
4. I'm getting ready to start this trilogy.
Has anyone read them?? How are they?

5. I can't wait for the Bachelor and 90210 tonight...yah for DVR!

6. Join in with mingle Monday!!!
Mingle 240

Happy Monday!

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Emily P. said...

a mani and pedi sounds great...but then again, so does FroYo!

Christy said...

Good luck trying to read those! I got 75 pages into the 1st one and was bored to tears so I actually returned the book! Everyone says it doesn't get good until about 100 or so pages in, but that to me just isn't worth it!

Greer's Gossip said...

Stopping in from Mingle Monday. Your blog is so cute. I can't wait for The Bachelor tonight. Thanks for the info. on

Syndal said...

stopping by from mingle monday!
loooove the sweet baby photo!!

mal blair said...

aw, i'm so glad you stopped by my blog from mingle monday! i can already tell i'm going to be stalking yours often. i mean, HELLO - YOU'RE FROM ALABAMA TOO! :] anyways, is the neatest site. i had never heard of it, but i just checked it out! & i've had friends that read that trilogy, some liked 'em & others didn't! let me know what you think. time for me to go watch my DVRed bachelor too! :]

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