Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, I am in need of some encouraging words today.
I miss my family and just want to be home with them.

I know I probably *seem* like the happiest person in the world on my blog, but I think having a blog is about sharing your true self with the world. It's therapeutic to write about your feelings right?
Don't get me wrong, I am a pretty happy person, but the past couple of weeks have been extremely hard. I have been in sort of a funk...

I miss Alabama.
I miss my family.
I miss my friends.
I miss being able to go to Wal-Mart, Target, or any store for that matter.

I love Harbour Island and I know that I am incredibly lucky to have this experience. I am thankful. I'm just thinking that it might be time for a change. Maybe a change that involves moving back home where I belong.

Who knows what the future holds, but I feel better by letting all of this out.
Happy Thursday friends.

Remember to never take for granted the people in your life.


Lisa said...

ahh i feel you... i will be moving from home (Florida) to Dallas tx in jan.. and im sure i will be feeling like you sooner than later!

Good Luck.. stay strong!

KIMI said...

I love you and hope that you get out of your funk soon! Just always know we will be anxiously awaiting your next visit:) and your move back to Bama! We are just doing everyday normal stuff here and living vicariously through you. We love hearing all about the fun you are having so keep making fun memories, and we will keep being jealous:)

Rachel said...

Nothing can ever take the place of home (Wal-Mart and all!)
Just remember that missing everything will make it that much sweeter when you return!
I have never myself lived anywhere other than where I was born and raised, and I'm so jealous of people like you that seem adventurous and willing to live anywhere! (I just like to use their places to travel ;)
I like to make 'homesick packages' for my friends (that live all over the world) when they miss home. Maybe your friends could do the same for you and you could send them little things from where you are! :)

Hollyhand House said...

I know you muct miss being at home and close to your family. Just remember that what your doing and where you are is not forever! It's a once in a lifetime experience that so many (including myself) are just a little jealous that we never did anything like that! You will have many great stories to tell your kids one day!! Bama is always here when you are ready for it!! :)

The Sweet Life said...

Thanks guys for the encouraging words. I already feel a little better.

Rebecca said...

You have such an amazing, loving, bubbly personality...I absolutely loved being around you in college for this. And I can't help but think how BLESSED the children you take care of are to have you in their lives. As hard as I know it is to be away from family (I moved back to my hometown because of this:)) you are doing amazing things for these kids and helping to form their little personalities and lives! Home is always where the heart is hard not to always want to be there...but know you are making a difference where you are!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Awww, I can understand your feelings. It sounds like you are having such an incredible experience, but I can't imagine being so far from home and family! Keep you chin up!

PS--I love the blog design with the two prints juxtaposed!

RocketQueen said...

If you leave how can I talk to little Pose? She'll miss me! But I'm here for ya whether you're in the Bahamas or in Alabama.

Amanda said...

Chin up! I just gave you a blog award :) I was actually thinking about this last night about how I seem so chipper on my blog, but some days, I just am sad (for good reason). I hope your Friday is better and you have fun weekend plans!

Julia K. Denson said...

Stephanie, you are very missed as well. And your feelings are very understandable as you have such a sweet and special family and so many friends who love you. I do hope you can take time over the next few weeks to pray about your next steps! Know that I am praying with you and praying specifically for you to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." (proverbs 3:5-6) Joe is memorizing that verse and has been reciting it all night. I'm glad I could encourage you with it. Love you.

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