Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday faves

My favorite first 15 minutes of a movie...Prepare yourself for what I'm about to say.
I have never seen this movie...
I watched 15 minutesof it today while Posey was napping, and I'm obsessed. Can't wait to watch the rest tonight.

Some of my other favorite classics.

My favorite food.
I make tacos once a week and this week I made chicken tacos. So good!!

Favorite song to listen to on repeat.

Favorite book

Thanks for stopping by. I'm late on my tropical Thursday post, but it's coming.

Happy weekend lovies!!
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Jill said...

Can't believe you've never watched Dirty Dancing! I'm just hanging out for when my daughters are old enough to want to watch it!!

Just stopped by from Boost my blog Friday. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Brag All About It said...

I can't believe you've never seen dirty dancing!
you will really like it!
coming by from boost my blog. i am now following you..
come by and say hello

Denise said...

New follower from Boost My Blog. I loved Dirty Dancing too! I hope you will follow me back I can be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).

Haylee said...

Bye Bye Birdie! Finally I find someone who appreciates that movie as much as I do. You'll have to let us know how you like the rest of Dirty Dancing. I haven't seen it either!
By the way, I love your 101 in 1001 idea. Seriously that's such an awesome idea! Did you come up with the list yourself or did you get it from somewhere? I want to do something like it now.

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