Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Funday

I'm still praying hard for those affected by the tornadoes. They are still finding survivors in the rubble in Tuscaloosa. I would give anything to be able to help all of those volunteering. Tuscaloosa is and will always be a second home to me and it's so nice to see everyone coming together after this tragedy. Please keep praying for all of those who have suffered loss and the hundreds who are still missing.

I am so incredibly thankful for the experiences that I have been given. Yesterday, I went snorkeling for the first time ever.
It was beyond amazing! I saw some amazing fishies (yes, I know that isn't politically correct) and a big turtle that I literally could have reached out and touched. I also spent the afternoon playing on a rope swing with the boys.

I had to post this picture bc the whole time I was thinking about Alley and Noah on The Notebook. I loved that part of the movie.

Last night, I partied it up with a bunch of tween boys. Haha. They had a friend sleepover and we had the dance off of all dance offs. It was hilarious!!! I have videos, but they would totally kill me if I posted them. Here are some pics of them being DJ's and they were pretty good. I would hire them!

They were watching the lizards kiss.
I can now say that I know what goes on during a boys' sleepover. =)

Today, I am enjoying the day off. Not that everyday isn't pure bliss, but today is quiet bliss!!! I'm sun bathing at Ramora Bay. This is my view!!!
I have the beach, pool, bar, my book, and lots of sunscreen. I will probably still be here at sunset. Happy Sunday friends!!!


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