Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eventful Weekend/Monday

This past weekend, I celebrated Heather's bachelorette weekend in Atlanta!!! We had so much fun!!

All the girls!
From L-R: Leslie, Melissa, Heather (bride to be), Shelby, me, and Danielle

Group Shot

Look who I met!!!

Steven Mcqueen Aka Jeremy from Vampire Diaries......

And Michael Trevino Aka Tyler from Vampire Diaries!

I am a huge fan of the show...and I have been since day 1!

So Sunday morning I stepped on glass and this was the result...


After stitches!!

SO Sunday I was in the emergency room getting very PAINFUL numbing shots in my wound, a tetnis shot, and 4 stitches.

On Monday, I was back at the doctor's office sick. I got tested for the flu, strep, and had blood drawn. All to find out that I had walking pneumonia...the result...2 shots. One in each hip...and 3 prescriptions. Unfortunately, I had to miss school on Tuesday, but I did make it back today. Now my teacher is out, so I am getting lots of practice being the "teacher".

Happy Hump Day!


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Candace said...

Bless your heart! Looks like you guys had fun though! Hope to see you soon.

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