Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal-Day 15

So today was the day...the day that I parted ways with my birthday balloon from JANUARY.

I thought this thing would never stop singing. I have had it stored away in my closet for months and every time I accidentally bumped it, I had to hear the 2 minute song...

"It's your birthday, have a happy birthday.
Your birthday comes just once a year, so now it's time to cheer."


As much as I loved the balloon that my sis got me, I had to throw it out today. I was doing some major cleaning and it had to go.

Day 15 is dream home.

Since we are dreaming...

This could quite possibly go on forever, but I will stop here.

Bye Bye Weekend, Hello Monday!


1 comment:

Sara L. said...

Love the pool in the first one, and I am big on having all the big glass windows. I guess that means I need some place secluded so people don't spy on me. lol.

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