Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss USA and Book List

First things first, I hope you all got to watch Miss USA last night. I have always loved watching Miss USA, Miss Universe, and the Victria Secret Fashion Show. Haha.

I loved Miss Oregan as soon as I saw her...I loved her fun, curly hair, but she didn't make it to the top 15. Sad day. She is gorgeous!

I also loved Miss Oklahoma!! I loved the way she described her evening gown...elegant. I absolutely loved her dress. I am also so sad that she didn't win. I think her question was a little unfair and think that it could have cost her the crown. She is a winner in my eyes.

Presenting Miss USA...I liked her, but her question was nothing compared to Miss Oklahoma...birth control...really?? She couldn't have messed that up if she tried. There was no right or wrong answer. I think she is beautiful though and I did love her dress.

Moving on. I started The Choice by Nicholas Sparks on Friday and finished it today...that's right 4 days! To say that I loved it would be an understatement. I have yet to read a Nicholas Sparks book that I didn't LOVE.
Along with The Choice, I have read the following Nicholas Sparks books:
The Guardian
Dear John
The Last Song
All were amazing.
If you haven't read these books, you should!

Here are the books on my reading list.

Next on the agenda...
I absolutely loved the movie and have heard that the book is even better.

I also loved this movie.
I have had this book for a while, but it is very long so unfortunately it is still on my list.

I hope you guys are having a marvelous Monday!!



littledaisymay said...

I wasn't too impressed with Michigan either but she is gorgeous! I loved her dress too :)

RocketQueen said...

Oklahoma got screwed. I"m sure Taylor Hanson agrees with me since he is from Tulsa.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I cannot believe I missed Miss USA! I have never missed it until this year! I love PS I love you and Confessions of a Shopaholic!

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