Thursday, May 13, 2010

LK is 2

Introducing Londyn Kate Floyd - May 12, 2008

The first time I got to meet her.
2nd Meeting

3rd Meeting

4th Meeting

The first time I got to hold the little bundle of joy. :)
1 month
Almost 2 months
2 months- Her first beach trip. PCB
Almost 3 months old and not wanting to have her picture taken.
4 months old...trying on her Halloween costume.
Cutest poodle I've ever seen!
5 months old...loving the baby food.
Look @ her sitting up...6 months old.
7 months old...came to visit Aunt Steph at work!
8 months old...loving her tights.
9 months old...loved this hat.
1o months old...such a happy baby.
@ the zoo...11 months old.
Some how missed 12 month pic when uploading these...

13 months...getting a bath in the sink at YaYa's
14 months @ the zoo.
15 months @ the zoo....spent lots of time at the zoo.
16 months
17 months
18 months
19 months
20 months
21 months
22 months
23 months

Stay tuned for 2nd birthday pics...we are holding off on the party so our step-sister from North Carolina can be there. We are having it on the 23rd. I cannot believe our precious Londyn Kate just turned 2. She is growing up too fast. Along with getting bigger, she is getting quite the attitude. Such a drama queen, but she can be such a sweet heart when she wants to be. Londyn Kate, Aunt Steph loves you!!



Candace said...

This makes me sad. When I was pregnant with Addison - LK was so tiny, and I would go to Kim's and sit and hold her for....ever. Love her!

Leigh said...

Precious! You did a great job on this !

Anil Kumar said...

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