Monday, March 15, 2010

Life Update

Warning...Lots of pictures

Snow days in ALABAMA...kind of rare!

Beautiful scenery in Guntersville!!

Just playing around outside of the nail shop.

The snowman we built outside of the hair salon...we had to improvise!
Great friends!

More Wedding Pics
The night before the wedding...all the bridesmaids in their pjs.
(the pj's were our gifts from the bride)
Showing off our monogrammed sleeves.

Shelbs, I hope this pic makes you happy! I love you!

Beautiful Lake Guntersville

Shows that I love and try to watch in my spare time.

Things I can't wait to see:
ECLIPSE!!!! June 30th....3 more months!!

Things I've seen recently:
Pretty good movie...I love Jennifer Aniston!

I started this one the other was on tv, but I missed the beginning and the end!
I got really into it though, and just requested it on netflix.
I love Gerard Butler so I have to see it!

This movie made me cry ALOT, but it was soo good and really made me think about how naive I am about things that really happen all the time.

This is what I have really been up to:
School, school, and more school, but I love it!
I am having the best experience at Trace Crossings....I love my kids!

Weather Week
Windy Weather-We made kites
Rainy Weather-We made rainbows
More rainbows
Sunny Weather-We made suns

Valentines Week
We made lots of fun things for Vday, but this is all I got a picture of.

Dinosaur Week

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littledaisymay said...

I love the projects your kids have done :) Very cute!

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