Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blessed day

Today was an awesome day. I began my day by watching Golden Girls from 8-9. Highlight of every morning. Then I went to get my niece (LK) from daycare. Let me just add how excited she was to see me. It almost brought tears to my eyes. We then went to two of my favorite places: Target and Victoria Secret. Last week while I was at the beach, I purchased the Twilight Saga books. I paid $62 for the 4 of them and then found them online at Books-A-Million for $45. I decided to return the ones I bought at Target and go for the cheaper box set from BAM. So with my store credit for Target, I bought some black skinny jeans (which I have been wanting for a while for only $10, some new mascara, and smooth away.

I can't really say how satisfied I am just yet, but I think I will be pretty happy about my purchase. I have heard it works. I will keep everyone posted.

After spending the morning shopping, I met up with my sister, Jenn (LK's mom), for lunch at Bogue's. It was my first time eating there, but I am always up for veggies. Here is a pic of LK at lunch chewing on a lemon. She loved it.

Funniest thing ever!!

My evening was spent babysitting baby Indira. She is absolutely precious. I can't ask for a better job then getting to sit on a front porch swing and rocking a baby for hours.

Here is a picture of Indira sleeping.

And here is one of me holding her...

I could spend every day like this.

I will soon be posting pics from my beach trip and Memorial Day....having trouble with Blogger tonight. Stay tuned.


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