Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brand New

I love a fresh start.  I love sitting down after New Year's Day and coming up with my resolutions.
This year, I had such a hard time with this.
I thought for days on end and could not come up anything.

And then, on January 5th I attended Church of the Highlands and heard about the Brand New series.
I immediately knew what my resolutions would consist of...starting over.

He really focused on the term new and improved.
Have you ever really thought about that phrase??
It's impossible to be NEW and IMPROVED...you are either new OR improved, not both.
He focused on the fact that resolutions are very short-lived and people rarely make it more than 6-8 weeks.

From the mouth of Chris Hodges himself, we don't need a  RESOLUTION...we need a REVOLUTION.

We don't need short-term goals, we need a brand new start....a revolution.

So friends, I know you've been dying to know my New Year's Resolution....
A new Steph.
A brand new start.

Instead of dieting,
I'm changing the way I eat.

Instead of trying to lose weight,
I'm changing my activies.

Instead of trying to be a better person,
I'm starting fresh with GOD.

I don't want to change my life for 6-8 weeks, I want a new life.

I'm going to stop trying and start doing.

In the past, I've been all talk and no action.
Happy brand new friends!!!

If you'd like to hear the sermons on this series...click here and enjoy.


Melissa said...

Such an inspiring post! I'm right there with ya! :o)

julia rose. said...

YES YES YES! What an awesome twist on things... A revolution instead of a resolution :) So excited for you!

Bev said...

amen!!! gotta turn resolutions into actions and goals!! glad to see you're pumped up for new beginnings!! keep up the encouragement and lean on others when you're running low :)

xo, Bev

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

LOVE this!! :)

Amanda said...

I love this post! And I can't wait to check out the sermons :) I know you're going to be working hard on the new you, but I hope that it's only just an even better of you! (Since I like you jsut the way you are!)

Anonymous said...

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