Monday, June 25, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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{Barons Game-Thirsty Thursday}
A great excuse to get outside, enjoy the amazing weather, and indulge in $1 beverages with great friends!! were there in spirit. :)

{Happy home alone}
Friday night, I ordered take-out, rented a movie, and cuddled with my furbaby.
 Liam Hemsworth is still as hott as he was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time I watched The Last Song.
That movie still makes me cry like no other.
{Water Day}
Saturday morning, Coral and I went to the dam to meet up with my friend Heather, her furbabies, and her in-laws.
one of my favorite places to go!!!
It's so gorgeous at night.

Afterwards, Melissa came in town and joined us for some pool fun!!

We ended the day with a girl's night in...
We thought we would reminisce by eating our favorite college meal.
It still tastes so good!

You know you are getting older, when you buy 4 bottles of wine, drink 1 glass each, and fall asleep before 10.

{Lazy Sunday}
I spent my Sunday cleaning and reading.  That's it.
I didn't even eat until 4:30 PM....laaaazzzzzyyyyy.
I did take Coral for a walk around 7:30 and saw this beautiful sunset.
Go me!
And then I took a 2 hour bath and finished my book.
I am wayyy behind on reading The Help, but I refrained from watching the movie until I finished the book.  I can't wait to finallyyyy watch the movie!

After my pitty party post on Friday, I'm feeling much better!!
Thanks for all of your sweet comments.
Happy Monday lovelies!!!


Laura said...

What a fabulous weekend! I love getting lost in a book and realizing that I've stayed in the bath until the water was cool and my toes are wrinkled beyond recognition :) The Help (movie) is as good as the book!! Enjoy

Meg Cady said...

Looks like you had a great wekend full of great friends and a precious fun baby!

I LOVED reading the Help... I liked the movie but the book was 40000x better!

Have a great monday!

emily said...

your mexican takeout looks so good! and im right there with you when i drink wine! looks like you had a fab weekend.
happy monday! xo

Ashley said...

that burrito looks ahhh-mazing!!! and I have never seen the last song, maybe I need to see it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph!

I just started reading your blog and I LOVE it! You are so gorgeous and I love all the pictures and visually stimulating fun things! We share so much in common! I love that I can come here and find little pieces of myself.

Keep up the awesome blogging!

PS: Whatever you ordered for take-out on Friday night looks delish!!!

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

I hate reading your weekend recaps because they always make me jealous. :( I wish I could've been there all weekend with you ladies!!!

Ugh soon enough!! :) Love you S and cannot wait for the reunion.

Tabitha Mahoney said...

hahaha I love the in bed before ten, thats awesome and so my life.

Happy Monday gorgeous


Elle Hattan said...

This sounds like a perfect weekend!

Candace said...

We should've played together last weekend!

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